Cog attack

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A Two-Face performing Red Tape.

A Cog attack is an attack that is performed by Cogs to deduct laff from Toons. The damage, accuracy, and frequency of attacks vary depending on what attack is being performed, a Cog's level, and a Cog's type.



Damage is the number of laff a Toon loses should an attack successfully hit them.


Accuracy is the probability of an attack hitting a Toon.


Frequency is the probability of an attack being performed by a Cog.


Further information: Category:Single Cog attacks & Category:Group Cog attacks

It is more likely that a Cog's single attack may target a Toon whose gags dealt the most damage to them, though this may not always be the case and the Cog can target other Toons in battle. Cogs' group attacks target all Toons in battle.

Signature Cog attacks

Further information: Category:Signature Cog attacks

Some Cogs have attacks that are exclusive to them. Their signatures are usually, but not always, stronger than other attacks.


  • There are around 10 unreleased Cog attacks that do not appear in-game but are mentioned in the game's localizer code and the phase files.[1]