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Under New Management is Toontown Rewritten's major update that was released as the 4.0.0 update on May 24, 2024, during ToonFest: The Great Fanfair.[1] It was announced on May 26, 2023, during ToonFest: Birthday Bash, with a breaking newscast from COG-TV announcing a management shakeup at Cogs, Incorporated.[2] The update is comprised of four new sinister Supervisor Cogs, revamped Cog facilities, Version 2.0 Cog Disguises, and new cosmetics.

Various observational analyses were conducted by the Cogs throughout February 2024 to monitor and evaluate the performance of the new Supervisor Cogs.[3] Toontown community members were able to playtest the Under New Management update and provide feedback before public launch.

Supervisor Cogs

Fresh off the production line came new Supervisor Cogs known as The Factory Foreman, The Mint Auditor, The Office Clerk, and The Club President. These Supervisor Cogs are unlike their underlings and exploit any opening they see in Toons' strategies with status effects during their battles.

Revamped Cog facilities and second rebalancing update

The Cog facilities were revamped with easy-mode and hard-mode versions, bringing an overall less repetitive and more engaging experience. The easy-mode facilities abide by the "laid-back" style of the original facilities, while the hard-mode facilities are challenging enough to be deemed high-risk and high-reward.

Another part of the Under New Management update introduced a second rebalancing update for gags, Cog Disguises, and Cogs as a whole.[4]

Version 2.0 Cog Disguises

Toons looking to optionally climb the corporate ladder further can upgrade their Cog Disguises to become Version 2.0, after reaching level 50. Upgrading a Cog Disguise means Toons can progress to level 50 again and switch their Cog Disguise to any of the predecessor Cogs of a respective department, though the requirements for Merits, Cogbucks, Jury Notices, and Stock Options are higher.

New cosmetics

New cosmetics, such as the Foreman Hat, Auditor Shoes, Clerk Glasses and Club President Golf Backpack, are what Toons may receive by defeating the Supervisor Cogs, which are guaranteed to drop when Toons reach a certain number of wins in Cog facility runs due to a pity system. Completing hard-mode facility runs and starting a Version 2.0 Cog Disguise further boosts the drop rate of the cosmetics. There is also the Slick Outfit for Toons to obtain should they max any Version 2.0 Cog Disguise.

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