Status effects

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Status effects are unique battle icons that indicate helpful, harmful, or neutral situations during Cog battles. Battle icons appear above the health interface for Cogs and the gag/reward selection interface for Toons. Status effects provide a description when hovered over and often contain a number to indicate the duration of the effect. For example, a status effect depicting a Lure icon with a "4" caused by the usage of Hypno-goggles means that Cogs are lured for the next four rounds.

Status effects applied to Cogs use a squared background, whereas Toons use a circular background.

Status effects


The following status effects can generally occur during most Cog battles throughout Toontown.

Status effect Image Description
Trap gags deal damage against Cogs when sprung after Lure usage. Lure gags also have an additional 10% accuracy when an affected Cog is trapped.
Cogs cannot move and are awoken when damaged or when Lure expires. All gags targeting lured Cogs are guaranteed to hit, except for Drop. Throw and Squirt gags also deal 50% additional damage.
Remote Controlled (damage)
Controlled Cogs tell a bad joke and deal damage to other Cogs while also receiving damage upon expiration. The number of rounds, damage, and damage upon expiration vary depending on the tier of a damage remote.
Remote Controlled (healing)
Controlled Cogs perform a dance and heal Toons while also receiving damage upon expiration. The number of rounds, healing amount, and damage upon expiration vary depending on the tier of a healing remote.
Accuracy Down
Cogs Miss SOS Toons apply the effect to reduce the accuracy of Cogs' attacks by 75%. The number of rounds varies depending on the tier of a Cogs Miss SOS Toon.
Accuracy Up
Toons Hit SOS Toons apply the effect to increase the accuracy of Toons' gags by 75%. The number of rounds varies depending on the tier of a Toons Hit SOS Toon.
Reinforced Plating
Version 2.0 Cogs become Skelecogs when defeated and gain a turn to attack during the same round in which they become a Skelecog.
Unite Cooldown
Toon-Up and Gag-Up unites are subjected to a cooldown for 3 rounds when used by Toons.

The Boiler

The following status effects are exclusive to The Boiler in Sellbot Field Offices.

Status effect Image Description
Fired Up
The Boiler's attacks, as well as gags used against them, deal 50% additional damage. Cogs receive 20% of Damage Up, which increases by 10% each time Fired Up begins.
Defensive Strategy
The Boiler retaliates if they are damaged by gags and performs certain special moves that benefit the Cogs. Additional Cogs enter the battle until The Boiler reverts to being Fired Up.
The Boiler's "last leg" phase once their health reaches the red bar where they become permanently Fired Up and perform most of their attacks and special moves (excluding Stamp of Disapproval). Additional Cogs enter the battle until The Boiler is defeated.


The following status effects mostly occur while battling The Boiler in Sellbot Field Offices or the Supervisor Cogs in each of the Cog facilities.

Status effect Image Description Source
Damage Over Time
Damage is inflicted on Toons at the end of every round. Slow Burn (The Boiler); Burnout (The Factory Foreman)
Gag Ordinance
Toons are restricted from using gags of a specific track for a certain number of rounds. Quality Control (The Boiler); Objection Sustained (The Office Clerk); Sandtrapped (The Club President)
Damage Up
Cogs or Toons deal additional damage. Fired Up (The Boiler); Overtime (The Factory Foreman); Bull Market (The Mint Auditor); Book Smart (The Office Clerk); Driving Range (The Club President)
Defense Up
Cogs or Toons take less damage. Market Research (The Boiler); Bear Market (The Mint Auditor)
Accuracy Up
Cogs have increased accuracy for their attacks. Market Research (The Boiler)
Repair Over Time
Cogs are healed at the end of each round. Pay Raise (The Boiler)
Cogs are immune to pink slips and remote controls. All Supervisor Cogs and all ordinary Cogs accompanying The Mint Auditor have the effect by default.
The Lure effect on Cogs is reduced to a single turn. All Supervisor Cogs have the effect by default; Investment (The Mint Auditor); Book Smart and Witness Protection (The Office Clerk); Overwork (The Club President)
Cogs have additional health. All ordinary Cogs accompanying The Mint Auditor have the effect by default.
Fired Up
Cogs have increased damage but their defense decreases. Field Promotion (The Factory Foreman)
Time Down
The battle timer is reduced by several seconds. Overtime (The Factory Foreman)
Bear Market
Gags cost double and Toons have increased defense. Bear Market (The Mint Auditor)
Bull Market
Cogs and Toons have increased damage. Bull Market (The Mint Auditor)
Gag Tax
Gags cost double. The effect is removed when Bear Market is inactive. Bear Market (The Mint Auditor)
The Supervisor Cog retaliates if they are damaged by Sound gags. The Office Clerk has the effect by default.
Toons must use Sound, Throw, Squirt, or Drop gags in the next round or receive additional damage. Objection (The Office Clerk)
Gag Immunity
Cogs are immune to Sound, Throw, Squirt, and Drop gags. Witness Protection (The Office Clerk)
Virtual Skelecogs explode when the Supervisor Cog is defeated. Virtual Skelecogs are summoned by The Office Clerk after Cogs are defeated.
Delayed Damage
Toons are dealt a large amount of damage after 5 rounds, which decreases with each Cog defeated. Setting Par (The Club President)
Extra Turn
An extra attack is given to the Supervisor Cog for each Cog defeated. Penalty Stroke (The Club President)
Defense Down
Cogs take increased damage from gags. Penalty Stroke (The Club President)
Off Limits
The Supervisor Cog cannot be targeted. Presidential Protection (The Club President)