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Throw is a gag track with medium accuracy and one of two gag tracks that Toons have by default, alongside Squirt. Throw gags are the fifth set of gags used during Cog battles.


Gag Image Damage Organic damage Affects Skill points gained Base accuracy
4-6 5-7 One Cog 0 75%
Fruit Pie Slice
8-10 9-11 One Cog 10 75%
Cream Pie Slice
14-17 16-19 One Cog 50 75%
Whole Fruit Pie
24-27 27-30 One Cog 400 75%
Whole Cream Pie
36-40 40-44 One Cog 2,000 75%
Birthday Cake
48-100 53-110 One Cog 6,000 75%
Wedding Cake
120 132 All Cogs 10,000 75%

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Throw gags deal significant damage when used simultaneously due to group bonus damage, especially against lured Cogs for a 50% damage bonus.
  • Throw gags deal more damage compared to Squirt gags.



  • There are some ToonTasks in Donald's Dock that require Toons to deliver a certain Throw gag to Professor Pete. Such ToonTasks cannot be removed once they are selected.
  • A ToonTask in Minnie's Melodyland from Cleff requires Toons to deliver a Whole Cream Pie to him. Before advancing to Minnie's Melodyland, Toons are required to train their Throw track and unlock Whole Cream Pie.