Whole Cream Pie

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Whole Cream Pie
Basic information
Track Throw
Level 5
Accuracy Medium
Base accuracy 75%
Affects One Cog
Minimum damage 36
Maximum damage 40
Organic boost 40-44
Carry capacity
Minimum 3
Maximum 7
Preceded by

Whole Fruit Pie

Succeeded by

Birthday Cake

Skill points gained
Skill points needed

Whole Cream Pie is the level 5 Throw gag that is preceded by Whole Fruit Pie and succeeded by Birthday Cake. A Toon obtains the gag by gaining 2,000 skill points.


  1. The Toon takes out a Whole Cream Pie and throws it at the targeted Cog.
    • If the gag hits, the Cog is hit by the Whole Cream Pie with a large yellow splat.
    • If the gag misses, the Cog jumps to the side and dodges the Whole Cream Pie, making it vanish.


  • Despite having unique icons to represent how they look in the gag inventory, Whole Cream Pie shares the same model and texture as Cupcake and Whole Cream Pie but in different sizes. Unlike its weaker counterpart, Cream Pie Slice, there is no actual cream displayed on Whole Cream Pie.
  • Whole Cream Pies are used during the final round of the Vice President boss battle.
  • Toons are required to deliver a Whole Cream Pie to Cleff for a ToonTask in Minnie's Melodyland.