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Drop is a gag track with low accuracy and is available once a Toon completes their assigned ToonTasks when selecting the track for training. Drop is one of the least accurate gag tracks but also the second most powerful gag track after Trap. Drop gags are the seventh set of gags used during Cog battles.


Gag Image Damage Organic damage Affects Skill points gained Base accuracy
Flower Pot
10 12 One Cog 0 50%
18 21 One Cog 20 50%
30 35 One Cog 100 50%
Big Weight
45 52 One Cog 500 50%
60-70 69-81 One Cog 2,000 50%
Grand Piano
85-170 98-196 One Cog 6,000 50%
180 207 All Cogs 10,000 50%

Rebalancing changes

3.0.0 update changes
  • Safe was given a range of normal damage and organic damage similar to that of Grand Piano, allowing increased damage values.[1]
4.0.0 update changes
  • Drop's accuracy description was changed from "low" to "very low" for better clarity.[2]
  • Organic Drop damage bonus increased from 10% to 15%.[2]

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Drop is the second most powerful gag track.
  • Every Drop gag except Safe and Grand Piano is already at its maximum damage and does not require more skill points to increase its damage.


  • Drop gags always miss against lured Cogs.
  • Drop gags have the lowest base accuracy of all gags from other tracks.
  • Drop gags are used last during Cog battles, allowing gags from other tracks to potentially defeat Cogs before they can be used.


  • The name of the level 7 Drop gag, Toontanic, is a reference to the RMS Titanic, a ship that sank in 1912.
  • During the Beta stage of Toontown Online, Drop was originally a starter gag track along with Throw and Squirt. Toons could have all seven gag tracks at the time because of this.


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