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A Sellbot Field Office is a menacing Boss Building that takes over Toon Headquarters in the streets of Daisy Gardens, Minnie's Melodyland, The Brrrgh, and Donald's Dreamland. Unlike ordinary Cog Buildings, a Sellbot Field Office not only takes over Toon Headquarters but also contains two Cog office minigames and is operated by an all-new boss Cog. When Toon Headquarters in a street is taken over, it is taken over across all districts of Toontown. Multiple groups of Toons are each transported to a single wing of a Sellbot Field Office called an annex. There are many annexes needed to be taken down for a Sellbot Field Office to be conquered. Although Sellbot Field Offices most commonly have tiers that range from one star to three stars, they can go up to four stars.

Toons do not need to meet specific requirements in order to enter a Sellbot Field Office, though it is advised to have plenty of laff and plenty of gags available.

Runthrough and gameplay

Battle mechanics

Once Toons enter a Sellbot Field Office annex, they are greeted by a member of the Toon Resistance through a transmitted signal who states what their three starting gag tracks are. One of three starting gag tracks is always Throw or Squirt by default. Additionally, Trap cannot be a starting gag track unless Lure is one of three starting gag tracks.

Sellbot Field Offices are so devoid of silliness that certain gag tracks become ineffective against the Cogs. Affected gag tracks need to be restored by collecting jokes during the office minigames. For both office minigames, jokes can be collected to restore two gag tracks. Additional jokes are then converted into laff after restoring two gag tracks. Below is a table showing the number of jokes required for restoring gag tracks and the maximum number of jokes. The maximum number of jokes may not always be consistent, but the Cold Caller Cubicles tend to have one less joke compared to the Mega-Mover Mazes.

One-star Two-star Three-star Four-star
25 jokes for one gag track
40 jokes for two gag tracks
Max: 54-55 jokes
35 jokes for one gag track
55 jokes for two gag tracks
Max: 65 jokes
45 jokes for one gag track
65 jokes for two gag tracks
Max: 79-80 jokes
55 jokes for one gag track
75 jokes for two gag tracks
Max: 90 jokes

Although Toons are encouraged to devise new gag strategies due to limited gag tracks, they may still utilize rewards such as SOS cards, unites, and pink slips to assist in Cog battles.

Battle floors Boiler Room
One-star Level 7 - Level 12 Level 7 - Level 13*
Two-star Level 7 - Level 13 Level 7 - Level 14*
Three-star Level 7 - Level 14 Level 7 - Level 15*
Four-star Level 8 - Level 14 Level 8 - Level 15*

Although the levels containing an asterisk are the Cogs' natural levels in the Boiler Room, The Boiler can promote the Cogs up to level 20.

Floors and office minigames

With the exception of the Boiler Room, order of floors and office minigames may change each time Toons enter a Sellbot Field Office annex. While Toons are inside the Sellbot Field Office annex, it is explained which gag tracks have impact against the Cogs, and briefings regarding the office minigames are also given.

Stomper Room

Toons battle Cogs in the Stomper Room before advancing to one of the office minigames.

Surveillance Room

Toons battle Cogs in the Surveillance Room before advancing to one of the office minigames.

Cold Caller Cubicles

The Cold Caller Cubicles are an icy battleground where Cold Callers keep everything cold. Toons need to skate their way through the cubicles and turn up the heat by enabling the thermostats. However, Cold Callers do not sit around and are constantly attempting to disable the thermostats. Toons must prevent Cold Callers from enabling the thermostats by defeating them using snowballs that can be obtained from cabinets. Two snowballs are required to defeat Cold Callers; two, three, or four snowballs are required to defeat other Cogs.

Damage from Cold Callers Damage from slow Cogs
One-star -12 -17 (Name Dropper)
Two-star -15 -21 (Mover & Shaker)
Three-star -18 -25 (Mover & Shaker)
Four-star -21 -29 (Two-Face)

Mega-Mover Mazes

The Mega-Mover Mazes are the stomping ground of supersized Mover & Shakers known as Mega-Movers. Toons need to battle their way through the mazes and grab water balloons from water coolers in order to defeat the Mega-Movers. Three water balloons are required to defeat the Mega-Movers; one or two water balloons are required to defeat other Cogs.

Number of Mega-Movers Damage from Mega-Movers Damage from slow Cogs Damage from fast Cogs Damage from filing cabinets
One-star 4 -25 -20 (Cold Caller) -10 (Telemarketer) -5
Two-star 4 -30 -23 (Cold Caller) -12 (Name Dropper) -5
Three-star 4 -35 -26 (Glad Hander) -14 (Name Dropper) -5
Four-star 5 -40 -29 (Glad Hander) -16 (Two-Face) -5

Boiler Room

The Boiler Room full of high pressure sales is overseen by The Boiler, an all-new boss Cog unlike any other Cog ever encountered before. Defeating The Boiler is key to cutting the power of a Sellbot Field Office annex. After The Boiler is defeated, Toons are awarded remote controls.

Toon Resistance dialogue

The following dialogue is provided by a Toon Resistance member in one-star, two-star, and three-star Sellbot Field Offices. For the four-star Sellbot Field Office in Daisy Gardens, Inc. at the Kaboomberg district, the dialogue is provided by Lord Lowden Clear.

First Cog battle

One-star, two-star, and three-star Sellbot Field Offices
  • "This is [NPC name] from the Toon Resistance! This Field Office is stealing and ruining our JOKES! For the time being, only [gag track], [gag track], and [gag track] will crack up any Cogs. On the next floor, you can recover stolen JOKES to get your gags back into gear. Use what you can until then!"
Four-star Sellbot Field Office
  • "This is Lord Lowden Clear, leader of the Toon Resistance. It's up to you to stop the largest Cog invasion since Doomsday! For the time being, only [gag track], [gag track], and [gag track] will keep Cogs busting with laughter. I'm going to distract the Cogs elsewhere to keep them off your tail. We're counting on YOU, recruits!"

Second Cog battle

No gag tracks restored
  • One-star, two-star, and three-star Sellbot Field Offices
    • "Yipes! You only gathered [number] stolen JOKES after all that ruckus. Unfortunately, you'll have to take on this next battle with only the Gag Tracks that you already have. I won't lie to you: the next battle will be a challenge. I have faith in you, so go take down those Cogs!"
  • Four-star Sellbot Field Office
    • "Rats! You only gathered [number] stolen JOKES this time around. I hope you have some smart strategies up your sleeves with the Gag Tracks that you already have. Don't falter now! You're among the Toon Resistance's best and brightest - you can do this!'
One gag track restored
  • "Good job collecting [number] stolen JOKES! That brought you the silliness levels enough to restore a Gag Track. Thanks to these levels of silliness, you can now use [gag track] in battle. Hopefully, that'll be enough to make the next battle just a bit easier. Good luck!"
Two gag tracks restored
  • One-star, two-star, and three-star Sellbot Field Offices
    • "Great job surging the silliness in there! You really went above and beyond, collecting [number] stolen JOKES! Thanks to your efforts, you can now use both [gag track] and [gag track] gags. Extra JOKES were turned into a Toon-up! This is your stop. The next battle is about to begin!"
  • Four-star Sellbot Field Office
    • "You really showed those Cogs who's boss! Leave it to our top recruits to recover [number] stolen JOKES! Even with the chaos outside, these silliness levels restored both [gag track] and [gag track] gags. Extra JOKES gave you a Toon-up! Here comes the next battle. Two more floors until we can take down THE BOILER!

Cold Caller Cubicles

One-star, two-star, and three-star Sellbot Field Offices
  • "Woah, who turned on the AC? COLD CALLERS are freezing assets in their office - including our next elevator! Skate near THERMOSTATS to turn up the heat. COLD CALLERS will constantly try to cool the office back down. You can find snowballs inside of CABINETS. Throw them at Cogs by skating near them! Grab stolen JOKES if you can before going to the elevator! We'll need them to restore Gag Tracks for the next battle!"
Four-star Sellbot Field Office
  • "Yeesh! If the COLD CALLERS wanted their offices this cold, they should've invaded The Brrrgh instead! Skate near THERMOSTATS to liquify their assets. The flowers down in Daisy Gardens need all the water they can get. Pack all the snow you can carry from CABINETS. Show the Cogs we are a snowball effect they shouldn't underestimate! With enough stolen JOKES, we may be able to give Office Supplies, Inc. the Toon-Up it needs to restore the Gag Shop!"

Mega-Mover Maze

One-star, two-star, and three-star Sellbot Field Offices
  • "What a seismic shock! Our next elevator will never work while those MEGA-MOVERS are moving and shaking this office. Grab water balloons at WATER COOLERS to throw at Cogs. Defeat all of the MEGA-MOVERS to open the exit! Cogs will drop stolen JOKES when defeated. Collect as many as you can to restore Gag Tracks for the next battle!"
Four-star Sellbot Field Office
  • "Your Annex antics have the Sellbots on shaky ground! Still, all of the moving and shaking has disabled our next elevator. Don't let those FIVE MEGA-MOVERS shake you down! Grab WATER BALLOONS and let 'em have it! You know the drill, recruits. Grab stolen JOKES, restore your Gag Tracks, and get those Cogs giggling!"

Boiler battle

No gag tracks restored
  • One-star, two-star, and three-star Sellbot Field Offices
    • "That was a tough one! It looks like you only gathered [number] JOKES. We're approaching the BOILER ROOM... It'll be tough without a full arsenal of gags, but I've seen Toons do more with less. There's too much signal interference for me to go further. Don't give up -- I know you can do this!"
  • Four-star Sellbot Field Office
    • "You made it! That was tough, it looks like you only gathered [number] stolen JOKES. It all comes down to this battle. It won't be easy without a full loadout of gags, but I'll be rooting for you. Toontown needs YOU to defeat THE BOILER and save Daisy Gardens! Keep them busting - with laughter!"
One gag track restored
  • "Those Cogs were no match for you. You managed to nab [number] stolen JOKES! This means we can restore [gag track] gags to take down this Annex's BOILER ROOM. All of the Cog communications from the BOILER ROOM are jamming my signal. Stay strong: I'll see you on the other side!"
Two gag tracks restored
  • "Fantastic collecting [number] stolen JOKES! The strategy on display here is among the best I've ever seen! The [gag track] and [gag track] gags you recovered will be invaluable to take down the BOILER ROOM. Our signal is breaking up -- this is as far as I can go. Don't let the pressure of the BOILER ROOM get to you!"


  • The code name for Field Offices is known as "Cogdominiums".
  • Part of the exterior design for Toontown Rewritten's Sellbot Field Office was inspired by the Cogdominium from the discontinued Toontown 2.0 prototype.[1] Animations of the Sellbot Field Office where it drops onto Toon Headquarters and uses its eyes to look around were also inspired by the animations of the Cogdominium.
  • The Cold Caller Cubicles were inspired by a single piece of Toontown Online concept art that depicts an icy office for Cold Callers.[2]
  • Sometime during the early development stage of Sellbot Field Offices, an original idea for a new Sellbot office minigame was a "Backstage Tour" office of Mr. Hollywoods where Toons would battle them as they fly by using Seltzer Bottles while riding inside a minecart, which was scrapped in favor of the Cold Caller Cubicles because it was "too much work to take on".[notes 1]
  • From November 20th to November 29th in 2021, several ARGs occurred that heralded Sellbot Field Offices.[3] Toon News... for the Amused! premiered their weekday report broadcast on December 1st and captured live footage of the first Sellbot Field Office taking over Toon Headquarters on Elm Street in Daisy Gardens at the Kaboomberg district.[4]
  • Certain members of the Toon Resistance, such as J.S. Bark, that guide Toons through Sellbot Field Office annexes were originally SOS Toons whose cards were awarded to Toons when freeing them by defeating Sellbot Field Offices in Toontown Online.



  1. As stated on the Toontown Rewritten Discord server by Joey in response to community feedback (January 14, 2021).