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A unite is a SpeedChat phrase reward that is awarded to Toons when they defeat the Chief Financial Officer. Unites have the ability to restock gags, heal laff, or provide jellybeans. They can only be used one at a time and only affect Toons within a short radius of the user. Toons can have a maximum of 100 unites per type.

When either a Toon-Up or a Gag-Up unite is used, they are both subjected to a 3-minute cooldown outside of Cog battles (as indicated by the SpeedChat menu timer) or a 3-round cooldown during Cog battles (as indicated by the "Unite Cooldown" status effect). Gag-Up unites restock a maximum of 7 gags for a single track and restock a maximum of 30 gags for all tracks.


The awarded unite after defeating the Chief Financial Officer may be any one of those listed below.

Unite Phrase text Types
Toon-Up "Toons of the World, Toon-Up!" 20 Toon-Up
35 Toon-Up
50 Toon-Up
65 Toon-Up
80 Toon-Up
Gag-Up "Toons of the World, Gag-Up!" Gag-Up Toon-Up
Gag-Up Trap
Gag-Up Lure
Gag-Up Sound
Gag-Up Throw
Gag-Up Squirt
Gag-Up Drop
Gag-Up All
Jellybeans "Toons of the World, Spend Wisely!" 100 jellybeans
200 jellybeans
350 jellybeans
600 jellybeans

Special unites

Unites that are not awarded by defeating the Chief Financial Officer are listed below.

Unite Phrase text Types Obtainability
Spooky Surprise "Skeletoons of the World, Trick or Treat!" Randomized between cheesy effects, species sounds, and 1,000 jellybeans Obtained by collecting spellbound bags during Halloween.
Promotion Assist (Cogbucks) "Toons of the World, Suit-Up!" 100 Cogbucks
200 Cogbucks
350 Cogbucks
600 Cogbucks
Obtained as a reward from Toon Resistance ToonTasks offered by Bulletin Belle and Cassie Peppercakes during Operation: Crash Cashbot Headquarters.
Cartoonival "Toons of the World, Celebrate!" 25 tokens Obtained as a reward from a ToonTask offered by Task Takers during Cartoonival.


  • Jellybean fests are community gatherings where Toons offer jellybeans by using unites.
  • Prior to the 3.0.0 update that was released on December 3, 2021, which introduced balancing changes[1], Toon-Up unites had higher values and Gag-Up unites lacked a cap in the number of gags that could be restocked.