Toon Resistance ToonTasks

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Toon Resistance ToonTasks are limited-time ToonTasks that are offered by Lord Lowden Clear and members of the Toon Resistance during events that involve the takeover of a Cog headquarters. These ToonTasks offer exclusive rewards, such as double gag experience, SOS cards, clothing, accessories, and more. At the conclusion of an operation, Toons would no longer be able to complete a ToonTask and claim a reward.


Operation: Storm Sellbot Headquarters

During Operation: Storm Sellbot Headquarters, the following ToonTasks were available.

Operation: Crash Cashbot Headquarters

During Operation: Crash Cashbot Headquarters, the following ToonTasks were available.


At the duration of an operation, the label above the ToonTask would read "Expires in %time%" (e.g. 3 days). Near the end of the operation, the label would read the number of hours left, then the number of minutes left, then "1 minute", and eventually "less than a minute".

When an operation concludes, associated ToonTasks expire. The title of the ToonTasks would read "EXPIRED" instead of "WANTED", the color of the ToonTasks would turn brown instead of green, the timer label shown on the ToonTasks would read "Expired %time% ago...", and the ToonTasks would automatically instruct Toons to visit an HQ Officer without receiving a reward.


  • Toons would be able to carry only one ToonTask from Lord Lowden Clear but could carry multiple ToonTasks from each of the Resistance Rangers.