Sellbot Cog Disguise

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The Sellbot Cog Disguise tab under "Cog Disguises" via the Shticker Book.

The Sellbot Cog Disguise is a Cog Disguise resembling that of the Sellbots' suits, which allows Toons to infiltrate the Sellbot Towers and battle against the Vice President. In order to obtain parts of the Sellbot Cog Disguise, Toons must infiltrate the Sellbot Factory and defeat the Factory Foreman a total of ten times.

Promotions and Merits

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After parts of the Sellbot Cog Disguise are obtained, Toons are required to collect Merits that allow them to earn promotions by defeating the Vice President. The disguise ranges from a level 1 Cold Caller to a level 50 Mr. Hollywood. Once a Toon maxes their disguise, they no longer need to collect Merits.

Teleport access to Sellbot Headquarters is awarded upon reaching level 13 Mr. Hollywood of the Sellbot Cog Disguise.