Sellbot Headquarters

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Sellbot Headquarters
Basic information
Department Sellbots
Location Oak Street, Daisy Gardens
Area information
Minimum Cog level 4
Maximum Cog level 6
Special Cogs Goons
Data is by normal gameplay.
Facility information
Facilities Sellbot Factory
Supervisor Cog The Factory Foreman
Boss information
Facilities Sellbot Towers
Minimum Cog level 1
Maximum Cog level 12
Boss Cog Vice President

Sellbot Headquarters, commonly known as Sellbot HQ or simply SBHQ, is the Sellbots' main base of operation. It is connected to Oak Street in Daisy Gardens. Sellbot Headquarters consists of two Cog facilities: the Sellbot Factory and the Sellbot Towers. The Factory Foreman resides in the Sellbot Factory and the Vice President resides in the Sellbot Towers.


The courtyard is the main area of Sellbot Headquarters. It is a dark and ugly wasteland, with grey hills tainted with pollution as far as the eye can see. Surrounding the main area are strange, metallic structures, some in irreparable states of ruin. Small pools of oil can be seen scattered around the courtyard, where Cogs that range from level 4 to level 6 roam. In the middle of the courtyard is "the pit" where Toons may stand to avoid Cogs.

Sellbot Factory

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The Sellbot Factory is located on the right side of Sellbot Headquarters, consisting of an easy-mode Scrap Factory and a hard-mode Steel Factory. Toons often infiltrate the Sellbot Factory to obtain parts of their Sellbot Cog Disguise or to recover Merits for promotions. At the Center Silo Control Room is where The Factory Foreman resides.

Sellbot Towers

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The Sellbot Towers is the name of the skyscrapers found in the courtyard of Sellbot Headquarters. One of them, the Sellbot Marketing Tower, serves as the domain for the Vice President. Toons may battle the Vice President once they have promotions for their Sellbot Cog Disguise ready.

SOS Toons

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An SOS Toon offers two of their SOS cards to Toons upon rescuing them should they defeat the Vice President. SOS Toons have various unique abilities to assist in Cog battles when called for assistance.

Sellbot Task Force Hideout

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The Sellbot Task Force Hideout is a top-secret area set up by the Toon Resistance that is located in the sewers beneath Sellbot Headquarters. Resistance Rangers of the Sellbot Task Force and Resistance Operators can be found in the Sellbot Task Force Hideout where they provide ToonTasks that Toons are instructed to complete when joining the Toon Resistance.

Sellbot Cog Disguise

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The Sellbot Cog Disguise is a Cog Disguise containing 10 parts. Each part is awarded upon defeating the Factory Foreman in the Sellbot Factory.


Some ToonTasks in the Daisy Gardens taskline, particularly those offered by Aunt Hill, involve Toons recovering certain memos from Sellbots that reveal a few details about Sellbot Headquarters.

"Attn Sellbots:
I'll be in my office at the top of Sellbot Towers promoting Cogs to higher levels.
When you earn enough merits enter the elevator in the lobby to see me.
Break time's over - back to work!
―Signed, Sellbot V.P.
"Attn Sellbots:
Sellbot Towers has installed a new security system to keep all Toons out.
Toons caught in Sellbot Towers will be detained for questioning.
Please meet in the lobby for appetizers to discuss.
―Signed, Mingler
"Attn Sellbots:
Toons have somehow found a way to infiltrate Sellbot Towers.
I'll call you tonight during dinner to give you the details.
―Signed, Telemarketer
"Attn Sellbots:
I was having lunch with Mr. Hollywood yesterday.
He reports that the V.P. is very busy these days.
He will only be taking appointments from Cogs that deserve a promotion.
Forgot to mention, Gladhander is golfing with me on Sunday.
―Signed, Name Dropper