Sellbot Towers

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Sellbot Towers
Basic information
Department Sellbots
Location Sellbot Headquarters
Boss information
Minimum Cog level 1
Maximum Cog level 12
Boss Cog Vice President

The Sellbot Towers are a Cog facility located in Sellbot Headquarters. On top of the highest tower, the Sellbot Marketing Tower, is where the Vice President resides. To enter the Sellbot Marketing Tower, Toons must enter the lobby. Up to eight Toons can access the elevator leading to the Sellbot Marketing Tower and battle the Vice President inside. Only Toons that obtain enough Merits for their Sellbot Cog Disguise promotions can access the elevator.


Outside of the towers is a group of large stone buildings that resemble a bar graph, which is also the Sellbot emblem. Inside is a large staircase to a base floor and two large green lights on large pillars with a staircase in-between them, leading to a large elevator. Along the walls and ceiling is a metal truss supporting the building and stairs.

Marketing Tower

As the elevator doors open, Toons find themselves staring at dark clouds that fill the background in a dull area. The Vice President is seen actively promoting his Sellbots, as Toons in their Sellbot Cog Disguises walk to confront him. Just above the elevator is a cage where the shopkeeper is held captive that Toons must rescue.