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Toon-Up is a gag track that has medium accuracy and becomes available once a Toon completes their assigned ToonTasks when selecting the track for training. Its gags rely on healing Toons to restore laff by certain amounts. If a group Toon-Up gag is used, laff is provided evenly between Toons. Unlike other tracks, Toon-Up gags do not necessarily miss, but rather, provide 20% of original values that are rounded up. Toon-Up gags are the first set of gags used during Cog battles


Gag Image Heal Organic heal Affects Skill points gained Base accuracy
8-10 11 One Toon 0 70%
15-18 19 All Toons 20 70%
27-30 33 One Toon 200 70%
Bamboo Cane
40-45 49 All Toons 800 70%
Pixie Dust
50-60 55-66 One Toon 2,000 70%
Juggling Cubes
75-105 82-115 All Toons 6,000 70%
High Dive
210 231 All Toons 10,000 95%
  • Normal healing values and organic healing values for Pixie Dust decreased from 60-70 to 50-60 and 77 to 55-66 respectively.[1]
  • Normal healing values and organic healing values for Juggling Cubes decreased from 90-120 to 75-105 and 132 to 82-115 respectively.[1]
  • Even though the organic base accuracy for High Dive is set as 100%, a gag's maximum base accuracy cannot exceed 95%.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Toon-Up gags allow Toons to restore each other's laff.
  • Group Toon-Up gags provide laff evenly between Toons.
  • 20% of original values are rounded up if Toon-Up gags "miss".
  • High Dive has a 95% base accuracy, making it quite the useful level 7 Toon-Up gag.


  • Toons cannot use Toon-Up gags to restore their own laff.
  • Toon-Up gags do not yield skill points if Toons have full laff.


  • Since Toons cannot use Toon-Up gags to restore their own laff, they instead can heal themselves by calling their doodles or by calling Toon-Up SOS Toons.
  • When a Toon-Up gag heals at a minimum amount, a Toon's laugh is all lowercase letters; for example, "ha ha ha" or "hee hee". If the Toon-Up gag heals at a higher amount, the Toon's laugh may start with an uppercase letter or have all uppercase letters; for example, "Ha Ha Ha" or "BWAH HAH HAH!".
  • Toon-Up is the only gag track in which each gag has its own unique animation.


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