Juggling Cubes

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Juggling Cubes
Basic information
Track Toon-Up
Level 6
Accuracy Medium
Base accuracy 70%
Affects All Toons
Minimum heal 75
Maximum heal 105
Organic boost 90-126
Carry capacity
Minimum 3
Maximum 3
Preceded by

Pixie Dust

Succeeded by

High Dive

Skill points gained
Skill points needed

Juggling Cubes are the level 6 Toon-Up gag that are preceded by Pixie Dust and succeeded by High Dive. A Toon obtains the gag by gaining 6,000 skill points.


  1. The Toon runs to the center of the Cog battle and brings out a set of Juggling Cubes.
  2. The Toon juggles them and lifts their foot up.
  3. A sound of cymbals plays and other Toons in battle laugh while gaining laff points.


  • Creative director for Toontown Online, Jesse Schell, was used as a model for creating the juggling animation.[1] He is also the reason why Toons casually lift their foot while juggling.
  • Its icon depicts three cubes in different colors: red, green, and blue. When Juggling Cubes are used, the blue cube is absent and replaced by a red cube.
  • During the Winter Holiday, Juggling Cubes change to resemble ice cubes.
  • Prior to the 3.0.0 update that was released on December 3, 2021, which introduced balancing changes[2], normal healing values were 90-120 and organic healing values were 99-132 for Juggling Cubes.