Chief Financial Officer

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Chief Financial Officer
Cog information
Department Cashbots
Location Cashbot Vault
Attack information
Number of attacks 3
Weakest attacks Bump
Strongest attacks Throw Gears
Lowest damage 1
Highest damage 10
Preceded by
Robber Baron
Succeeded by
The Chairman

The Chief Financial Officer, commonly known as the C.F.O., is the Boss Cog of the Cashbots. He resides within the Cashbot Vault in Cashbot Headquarters.


Introduction of boss battle:

  • "Ah-HAH! I thought I smelled something a little Toony in here! Imposters!"

Before boss battle:

  • "Hey! Get away from that!"

Conclusion of boss battle:

  • "That's it! I've had enough of these pesky Toons!"
  • "I've got a train to catch!"


To battle the Chief Financial Officer, Toons must earn parts for their Cashbot Cog Disguise by completing various ToonTasks in Donald's Dreamland.

The boss battle begins with Mata Hairy, who attempts to sneak into the Chief Financial Officer's vault, telling Toons to hurry into the Vault before they are caught. However, they are caught red-handed almost instantly by the Chief Financial Officer who enters the room. Mata Hairy's Cashbot Cog Disguise and the Toons' Cashbot Cog Disguises are removed before she dashes to the nearby room and tells the Toons to keep the Chief Financial Officer busy while she sets up the cranes. The Chief Financial Officer then initiates the first Cog battle round.

Cog battle

Toons enter a battle with approximately 30-40 Cogs and Skelecogs ranging from level 1 to level 12 and ranging from level 8 to level 12, respectively.

Chief Financial Officer battle

Toons are placed in the same room with the Chief Financial Officer after a safety tutorial given by Mata Hairy where she explains to Toons on how to use the cranes that she set up. Toons use cranes to throw goons at the Chief Financial Officer to deal damage. Spawned goons include those with yellow hats, orange hats, and red hats. When the Chief Financial Officer is stunned, Toons can throw safes at him to deal higher damage. When the Chief Financial Officer is defeated, he attempts to exit the room only to be run over by a train. Toons then perform a victory dance as they receive skill points for gags and credit for ToonTasks if any, earn a promotion for their Cashbot Cog Disguise, and are awarded a randomized unite by Mata Hairy.


  • Bump: Toons lose one laff point when bumping into the Chief Financial Officer's undercarriage.
  • Swipe: The Chief Financial Officer swipes at Toons who bump into him if they are near him, deducting five laff points. Other Toons nearby can be affected by this attack as well.
  • Throw Gears: The Chief Financial Officer targets a single Toon and throws a set of gears at them, deducting 10 laff points if hit. The targeted Toon can move backward or run in any other direction away from the gears to avoid the attack.


  • Safety Helmet: The Chief Financial Officer uses a safe as a "Safety Helmet" to prevent himself from being damaged by goons. If a Toon throws a safe at the Chief Financial Officer's head while he is not stunned, he uses it as the Safety Helmet, which can then only be removed by throwing another safe. If the Chief Financial Officer does not take hits by goons for a certain period of time, he automatically wears the Safety Helmet.

Origin of name

A "Chief Financial Officer" is an individual who is responsible for managing a company's financial operations.


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