The Chairman

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The Chairman watching over the launch of Sellbot Field Offices.

The Chairman is a mysterious figure that is widely said to be the top boss Cog and manager of Cogs, Incorporated. The first memo issued by The Chairman was addressed to "Sellbot Department 18-A", stating that Mover & Shakers would be awarded "quality offices" for their exceptional work during Doomsday, which he declared a "successful sales pitch".[1] As years went by, The Chairman oversaw the production of the "C.F.O. Project", a project by the Cogs aimed to launch Sellbot Field Offices across Toontown, and he appeared on the Toontown blog for the first time to announce the project's full-scale launch on December 3, 2021.[2]

Although it is confirmed that The Chairman exists in Toontown Rewritten's storyline, it is currently unknown if he will ever make an actual in-game appearance.

Origin of name

A "Chairman" is the permanent or long-term president of a committee, company, or other organization, and one who is designated to preside over meetings.



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