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The Director of Ambush Marketing was a level 50 Skelecog Supervisor. At the order of The Chairman, the Director of Ambush Marketing was responsible for exercising ambush marketing with an invasion known as Doomsday, which caused an unexpected interruption during the Toon Council Presidential Elections. With the help of Toons, the Director of Ambush Marketing was ultimately defeated by Flippy.


Upon arrival:

  • "Apparently our marketing strategies haven't exactly appealed to you 'Toons.'"
  • "I suppose you could say that 'I'm the boss.'"
  • "I'll be needing to speak with your President directly. I'm prepared to close this deal quickly."

While using attacks:

  • "ENOUGH!"
  • "Relax, you'll find this is for the best."
  • "At this rate, I'll need to liquidate Toons from the picture."
  • "I assure you that you'll find no greater offer."
  • "The Chairman won't be happy until you are."

When speaking to Flippy:

  • "Ah, finally. Just the Toon I've been searching for."
  • "I hope you won't pull out of the deal like your predecessor."
  • "Don't worry, he is in safe keeping now."


The Director of Ambush Marketing was shown to possess only two attacks:

  • Jump: The Director of Ambush Marketing's main attack. He would shout "ENOUGH!", jump in the air, and slam down, taking 10 laff points from Toons on the ground. Unlike the Mover & Shakers' visible shock-wave attack, the Director of Ambush Marketing's attack would affect the entire ground.
  • Brain Storm: Unlike Jump, this attack targeted one Toon but could deal splash damage. The Director of Ambush Marketing would send out a storm cloud that locked onto a single Toon; words would fall on the targeted Toon, but could deal damage to other Toons under the cloud. Like Jump, it would deduct 10 laff points from all Toons that were hit. This version of Brain Storm was a bit different than how it plays out during typical turn-based Cog battles.

Origin of name

"Ambush marketing" is a marketing strategy wherein the advertisers associate themselves with, and therefore capitalize on a particular event without paying any sponsorship fee. "Ambush" means to perform a surprise attack.


  • The Director of Ambush Marketing was the first Cog to mention The Chairman in Toontown Rewritten.
  • According to the Cog health formula for level 12+ Cogs, the Director of Ambush Marketing would hypothetically have 2,666 health for being level 50.
  • The Director of Ambush Marketing boss battle was programmed in a way where Flippy would had defeated him regardless of how much damage was dealt against him by other Toons, as evident by community member Smirky's stream where it showed Toons defeating the Director of Ambush Marketing before the scene between him and Flippy could start.[1]


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