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Toon information
Full name Slappy Quackintosh
Role Toon Council president-elect
Gender Male
Species Duck
Color(s) Sea Green
Status Captured by the Cogs after being saddened by a Yesman

Slappy is an NPC duck Toon who is commonly known for introducing traditional events involving Polar Bears and The Great Snowball Fight, and being a candidate in the Toon Council Presidential Elections. He first appeared during the Winter Holiday in 2013 from December 24th to December 27th, followed by his second and third appearance in 2014 to give Toons a ride on his hot air balloon and during election day in which he was elected as president of the Toon Council, respectively.



"It would be nice for me to introduce myself for you to know me, so here is an introduction: I'm Slappy! I've lived in Toontown for a few years now, living in the Colorful Canvas district just past the outskirts of Donald's Dreamland."

Slappy originally lived in Duckburg before he moved to Toontown. Although Slappy lived in Toontown for many years, Toons had never really heard of him until he made his debut via the Toontown blog on December 24, 2013, where he announced that he was running in the Toon Council Presidential Elections with his rival candidate, Flippy. On that day, Slappy offered a special opportunity for bears to become Polar Bears, and even started an annual tradition of The Great Snowball Fight few days afterward.

Toon Council Presidential Elections

"I'll tell you why I'm here: Publicity! Lots and lots of publicity. Why do I need this publicity? Aside from fame, fortune and glory- I'm needing some publicity for the Election."
Slappy with his jellybean stand.

A few months after the arrival of Polar Bears and The Great Snowball Fight, Slappy offered several unites for jellybeans and gags, a ride on his own hot air balloon developed by Doctor Surlee using a Portability Design method to bump up an old hot air balloon toy 10 times its normal size, and allowed Toons to obtain a Green Toon cheesy effect in celebration of St. Patrick's Day, thanks to the mysterious green goo that ended up on his jellybean stand.

As the campaigns from both candidates went underway, Slappy managed to accumulate 42 laff. Flippy was unsatisfied with himself having less laff points compared to Slappy and wanted to look for Doctor Surlee's blueprint on laff. While Slappy had 42 laff, Flippy only ended up with 38 laff.

Because Slappy had more campaigns compared to Flippy, he received many votes from Toons and won against Flippy, allowing him to be elected as president of the Toon Council. However, an unexpected interruption from the Cogs occurred where they initiated Doomsday shortly after Slappy was saddened by a Yesman.

The rightful ruler

"Slappy won the vote by just a few hundred more than Flippy, but just as the celebration begun, something unexpected happened. A robot flew down from the sky, dressed in a fancy suit with a big smile. A Yesman. Slappy didn't know what was happening -- no one did -- and he went sad in Toontown Central. We haven't seen him since."
Sir Max[src]
Slappy being remembered.

Slappy's fate during the Toon Council Presidential Elections left many Toons speechless and questioning where the Cogs took him. Discussions regarding the possibility of finding Slappy began since the Toon Council's first meeting after the fact. Lord Lowden Clear stated that he had no idea where to begin looking for Slappy, but Doctor Surlee, however, had ideas. Although the Cogs captured the rightful ruler of Toontown, it is known that Flippy resumes an ongoing effort to search for Slappy.


  • The character of Slappy was originally named "Floppy".[1]
  • Slappy's outfit has new textures created by Maya, which she confirmed during one of her YouTube streams.[2]
  • Slappy's last name, Quackintosh, is a combination of "quack" and the name "Macintosh".