Alec Tinn

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Alec Tinn
Toon information
Role Host of elections
Gender Male
Species Cat
Color(s) Bright Red

Alec Tinn is an NPC cat Toon who is most commonly known for being the host of every vote that goes on in Toontown, with the first event that he hosted being the Toon Council Presidential Elections. He first appeared during the Toon Council Presidential Elections day (April 19th), then made another appearance during ToonFest 2014 to offer Toons a ride on the ToonFest hot air balloon.


Studying at Electoral College

Before Alec Tinn became known to Toontown, he studied the arts of calculating the number of votes. After he accidentally predicted the exact value of votes for a Cannon game construction, Alec Tiin realized that it was his calling and studied at Electoral College to earn his master's in his innovative major of "Compulsive Vote Adding Engineer".


"Come one, come two, COME ALL to the most important event in the history of our fair town: The Toon Council Presidential Elections!"
―Alec Tinn[src]
Alec Tinn standing in front of the election podium.

Alec Tinn was eventually appointed by the Toon Council to host the Toon Council Presidential Elections where Flippy and Slappy would run for president. Although Toons knew that there would be an election, Alec Tinn had not made his debut until February 15th of 2014, where he announced on the Toontown blog that he would host the Toon Council Presidential Elections. On that day, he and several Toon Troopers began preparing for the event by setting up some decorations all around Toontown Central, and kept all Toons up-to-date on the latest happenings with the event.

On the day of the Toon Council Presidential Elections being held, Alec Tinn walked on stage with Flippy and Slappy as they exited out of Toon Hall. Alec Tinn used the Grand Electoral Counters to announce Flippy and Slappy's votes, and announced Slappy as the elected Toon Council president. When the Cogs initiated Doomsday, Alec Tinn hid behind the Toontown Bank until the invasion was over, and later agreed with Doctor Surlee that Flippy was the only leader Toontown had left.

Counting votes

"My name is Alec Tinn, and I'm the one they have around here for every vote that goes on in Toontown."
―Alec Tinn[src]

Alec Tinn's role as as elector was not over with the Toon Council Presidential Elections. Besides rare occasions like making a small appearance during ToonFest 2014, Alec Tinn continued to host events such as the Toontown Species Election in which he was responsible for counting votes.


  • His name is a pun on "electing".
    • Joey stated at OMG!Con 2015 that he created the pun while thinking in the shower.
  • According to Joey, the moment during Doomsday where Alec Tinn hid behind the Toontown Bank was inspired by a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.[1] Joey stated that this moment was character development for Alec Tinn in which he is "loud and proud on the outside" but "quite scared on the inside".