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Sound is a gag track with high accuracy and is available once a Toon completes their assigned ToonTasks when selecting the track for training. Sound is the only gag track containing all gags that affect all Cogs in battle, typically used simultaneously with other Toons to deal significant damage. Sound gags are the fourth set of gags used during Cog battles.


Gag Image Damage Organic damage Affects Skill points gained Base accuracy
Bike Horn
3-4 4-5 All Cogs 0 95%
5-7 6-8 All Cogs 20 95%
9-11 10-13 All Cogs 200 95%
14-16 16-18 All Cogs 800 95%
Elephant Trunk
19-21 21-24 All Cogs 2,000 95%
25-50 28-55 All Cogs 6,000 95%
Opera Singer
90 99 All Cogs 10,000 95%

Rebalancing changes

4.0.0 update changes
  • The carry capacity for Sound gags decreased to match what Trap originally had before the 3.0.0 update.[1]
  • The gag experience threshold of unlocking Whistle, Aoogah, Elephant Trunk, and Foghorn decreased.[1]

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Every Sound gag deals damage against all Cogs.
  • Every Sound gag has a base accuracy of 95%.
  • Sound gags deal significant damage when used simultaneously with other Toons, especially if organic.


  • Sound gags awaken lured Cogs.
  • Sound gags can miss against lured Cogs.
  • Organic or not, Sound gags deal less damage when used alone.


  • Sound is the first gag track to have gags that generally deal low damage, with Squirt being second.
  • Sound can be a common strategy used to battle groups of Cogs in Cog facilities.


  1. 1.0 1.1 Secondary balancing changes were introduced in the 4.0.0 update that was released on May 24, 2024.