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Basic information
Track Sound
Level 4
Accuracy High
Base accuracy 95%
Affects All Cogs
Minimum damage 14
Maximum damage 16
Organic boost 16-18
Carry capacity
Minimum 3
Maximum 10
Preceded by


Succeeded by

Elephant Trunk

Skill points gained
Skill points needed

Aoogah is the level 4 Sound gag that is preceded by Bugle and succeeded by Elephant Trunk. A Toon obtains the gag by gaining 800 skill points.


  1. The Toon takes out a megaphone with an Aoogah appearing out of it.
  2. The Toon takes an exaggerated breath and blows into the megaphone as the sound of the Aoogah plays.
  3. Both the megaphone and the Aoogah then vanish.
    • If the gag hits, all Cogs in battle are stunned for a few seconds and wipe their sleeves.
    • If the gag misses, the Cogs simply remain still without doing anything.


  • The sound of Aoogah appears in many cartoons and other form of media.
  • The sound of Aoogah plays when the Vice President or the Chief Financial Officer is stunned during their respective boss battles.