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Cartoonival is an annual event hosted by Riggy Marole to celebrate all things Toontown that occurs on September 19th and ends on October 20th. During Cartoonival, Toons can visit the Cartoonival Grounds in Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres and earn Cartoonival tokens by participating in various activities. Toons can use their Cartoonival tokens to purchase limited-time prizes such as clothing, accessories, portable pies, merry multipliers, and the Loco Locomotive Set, alongside two Toon colors called Cartoonival Blue and Cartoonival Pink.

Cartoonival Grounds

The Cartoonival Grounds is always filled with tons of confetti, and surrounded by multiple tall trees and a mysterious mineshaft from the top of the mountain. Activities such as picnic games, trampolines, cannons, and the duck tank can be played at the area. There is a large Cartoonival Tower in the center, two pie purchases booths, two merry multipliers booths, two TokenTasks booths, and a large fishing pond in the back. Cartoonival bags are also scattered around the area that offer jellybeans or Cartoonival tokens.


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Toons can visit the fleet of Token Takers at the Cartoonival Tower, two pie purchases booths, and two merry multipliers booths to purchase all sorts of limited-time prizes.


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Task Takers in the Cartoonival Grounds offer two limited-time ToonTasks that award the Fluffy Doodle Pack and five "25 token" unites. There is also a random assortment of ToonTasks known as TokenTasks offered by Token Taskers scattered in every playground that award Cartoonival tokens.


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The Cartoonival Cavalcade is a massive parade run by Riggy Marole on his kart, featuring the appearances of familiar faces from across Toontown, that takes place on a random street every half-past the hour.

Gag skill points

For the duration of Cartoonival, the gag skill points limit increases to 600, which is applicable to Toons with or without merry multipliers activated.


  • The event was previously known as ToonFest before it rebranded to Cartoonival due to the ToonFest Tower losing the letter "F" from its original logo, causing Riggy Marole to decide on allowing Toons to vote on a new name for the event.