Riggy Marole

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Riggy Marole
Toon information
Role Host of Cartoonival
Gender Male
Species Rabbit
Color(s) Cartoonival Blue
Residential information
Playground Cartoonival Grounds

Riggy Marole is an NPC rabbit Toon who appears in the Cartoonival Grounds and runs the Cartoonival Cavalcade. He is commonly known as Cartoonival's richest and wackiest host.


  • "Welcome to the Cartoonival, [Toon name]! We've got more pizazz than ever before, so enjoy yaself!"
  • "The Cartoonival is back in town! Come one, come all! Yeah, I'm lookin' at you, kid."
  • "What's that, [Toon name]? You want MORE fun? Well, you'se come to the right place!"
  • "Car-too-nee-val! It's my favorite four-syllable word, let me tells ya."
  • "Ah, sweet sweet Cartoonival. You'se everything I eva' dreamed of... and more!"
  • "You wouldn't BUH-LEEVE how much work it is to put on this show! Good thing I hibernate durin' the off-season."
  • "Keep steady footin' on the Cartoonival Tower! Last time I hopped on, I went flying into the pie stand! Dee-lish!"
  • "I'm considerin' moving the Cartoonival Tower's shop up top. We offer the height of Toon fashion, after all."
  • "You wouldn't BELIEVE how fast Cleff was on board once I told him that pies were involved!"
  • "Rig, rig, rigmaROLE, rig rig -- Ah sorry, just hummin' my theme song."
  • "I can assure you with almost no certainty that the attractions are up to safety standards!"
  • "Say, have you's fellows got any jellybeans? I'm down to my last million, it gets me worried."
  • "Mmm, I sure do love the taste o' Jellybeans! I wonder if I'm part Doodle? HAH!"
  • "Ever grinned so long it stuck? That's what happened to me after that jellybean incident. HAH!"
  • "My hair's getting long, and my bear barber's busy. Anyone know of a good hare salon?"
  • "You wouldn't BELIEVE how much negotiate-in' I had ta to do between the Sun and the Moon! Dey just don't get along."
  • "Last time I flew outta a cannon, I ended stuck on top of dat tower for a day an' a half. Fire Marshall sure took their sweet time."
  • "You wanna find my humble abode? Just take the left at Albuquerque and stop before reachin' Calisota. HAH!"
  • "Say, you look like da resourceful type. Know any mustachioed Toons lookin' for a job opening?"
  • "I dig a good Toon Party, but have you'se ever seen one with a token trampoline? Didn't think so, buck-o!"
  • "Checked out the prizes yet? Those bowties are FABULOUS!"
  • "They ain't sellin' my own bowtie in the shops. I gotta be maintainin' my signature style."
  • "[Toon name], let me tell you, YOU would look bodacious in Cartoonival Blue!"
  • "[Toon name], let me tell you, YOU would look picturesque in Cartoonival Pink!"
  • "Your nametag could use a bit of rigmarole, [Toon name]! Try out my signature style in the tower."
  • "Say, [Toon name], I'm liking the look. Ever tried adding a spotted bowtie to it?"


  • His name is a pun on "rigmarole", a lengthy and complicated procedure.
  • He first made an appearance on the Toontown blog announcing the start of ToonFest 2015, to which he was depicted wearing a purple-colored version of the O'Outfit before wearing his current iconic outfit.[1]
  • The Toontown Rewritten Team used him as a test for a new Toon species by giving him a new head.[2] His new idle and walking animations also served as a glimpse of what Toontown Rerigged could do for Toontown Rewritten.[3]
  • One of his many phrases is where he says to reach Calisota to find his humble abode, which is most likely a reference to the fictional U.S. state created by Carl Barks that is part of the Donald Duck universe.