Cartoonival Cavalcade

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The Cartoonival Cavalcade is a massive parade run by Riggy Marole on his kart, featuring the appearances of familiar faces from across Toontown, that takes place on a random street every half-past the hour during Cartoonival. When the candles on the parade float are lit, the Cavalcade may trigger rewards such as jellybeans, Cartoonival tokens, racing tickets, and Silly Points for the Silly Meter. The candles on the parade float can be lit up by interacting with the parade float to obtain and throw Birthday Cakes at them. Toons can also use their karts from behind and in front of the parade float.

A whisper notification is sent to all Toons present at the Cartoonival Grounds five minutes before the Cavalcade starts, informing them of its location. For example, a notification is sent at 4:25 PM Pacific Time to state the location of the Cavalcade that would appear at 4:30 PM Pacific Time. Riggy Marole also uses a portable hole to leave the Cartoonival Grounds and host the Cavalcade. When the Cavalcade ends, Riggy Marole returns to the Cartoonival Grounds.

Featured NPCs

Many familiar NPCs can appear at the very top of the parade float and speak about the Cavalcade to Toons. Among them are: