HQ Harry

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HQ Harry
Toon information
Gender Male
Species Dog
Color(s) Brown
Residential information
Building Toon Headquarters
Street Tutorial Terrace

HQ Harry is an NPC dog Toon who provides new Toons with their own Shticker Book and is the only HQ Officer in Toon Headquarters that is located on Tutorial Terrace.


When turning the completed ToonTask in:

  • "Good work defeating that Flunky. Let me give you your reward..."
  • "This book, a Shticker Book, is full of good stuff."
  • "Open it and I’ll show you a couple of useful pages."
  • "This is a map of Toontown! It’ll keep track of where you have been."
  • "Turn the page to see those gags that Tom gave you."
  • "Yikes! You have no gags! I’ll assign you a task..."
  • "Turn the page to see your ToonTasks."
  • "Here you go! Take a ride on the Trolley to buy yourself a few new gags."
  • "To get to the Trolley, go out the door behind me and head for the playground."
  • "I’d love to show you more, but no Toon should be without gags for too long! Close the book and you can head out."
  • "There is another Toon HQ in Toontown Central where you can turn in your task once complete. Good luck!"

When spoken to again:

  • "Howdy, [Toon name]!"
  • "Keep trying to complete that task, we are counting on you!"
  • "So long, [Toon name]."