Cartoonival Tower

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The Cartoonival Tower is a large tower found in the center of the Cartoonival Grounds. By throwing portable pies at dummy Cogs, Toons can speed up, slow down, and reverse the direction of the platforms around the tower. Inside the tower is where Token Takers set up shop to sell a variety of limited-time prizes.


At the bottom of the tower are three rotating platforms that are colored yellow, blue, and red. Each platform spins the opposite direction of the one larger than it. At the center of the three platforms is a large blue and red cupcake with four locked doors and giant Cartoonival tokens placed on top of each door.

Before the introduction of Token Takers and the tokens system, the tower originally had a simpler cupcake design. Following Toontown Rewritten's new logo branding and ToonFest 2017, the tower received an updated ToonFest logo. Due to the event's new Cartoonival brand after the letter "F" fell out of the ToonFest logo, the tower now has the Cartoonival logo and rebranded giant tokens.