Daisy Gardens, Inc.

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Daisy Gardens, Inc. is an expansion of Sellbot Headquarters where the Cogs invaded Daisy Gardens at the Kaboomberg district, entirely taking over the playground with Cog Buildings and a four-star Sellbot Field Office. The invasion is said to be the largest that Toontown had seen since Doomsday. Toons gain temporary access to Kaboomberg while in the process of obtaining the Smasher Badge for their Resistance Rank.

Before the Cogs invaded Daisy Gardens, Toon News... for the Amused! premiered their weekday report broadcast on December 1, 2021, and captured live footage of the first Sellbot Field Office taking over Toon Headquarters on Elm Street, which prompted Kaboomberg to undergo a temporary lockdown.[1]


Daisy Gardens, Inc. has air pollution accompanied by a cloudy sky surrounding the four-star Sellbot Field Office, and contains Cog-like props, trees, and lamp posts. The Trolley station is blocked, Maple Street became Market Street, Elm Street became Wall Street, and Oak Street became what is presumably a new entrance leading to Sellbot Headquarters. Toon Headquarters was taken over by the four-star Sellbot Field Office, the Gag Shop became Office Supplies, Inc., the Clothing Shop became Sharp Suits, Inc., and the Pet Shop became Cog Cosmetics, Inc..

Cogs roam around the playground and goons roam the maze, while Ripley, Doctor Googlymoogly, Bonnie Bubbles, and Ai Spai are on high alert. Toons are greeted by Lord Lowden Clear when entering the four-star Sellbot Field Office.

Restoration of Daisy Gardens

Should Toons defeat The Boiler in the four-star Sellbot Field Office, a cutscene occurs as Toons exit out of the elevator where the Sellbot Task Force alongside Rocky, Loopy Loopenloop, and Goofenshmirtz are seen taking down all of its annexes and defeating remaining Cogs while also restoring Daisy Gardens.


  • Cog Cosmetics, Inc. is a reference to a particular message that appears when failing the "Escape from Planet Doodle" minigame from the discontinued Toontown 2.0 prototype, stating that the Cogs would have doodles ground up to make "Cog cosmetics".
  • Stacks of documents located in the middle of the maze contain a message from a Two-Face known as the Hedge Fund Manager who mentions that the work assigned to her is not relevant to her role and that she had the trees cut prim and proper to her exact image.