Lawbot Courthouse

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Lawbot Courthouse
Basic information
Department Lawbots
Location Lawbot Headquarters
Boss information
Minimum Cog level 8
Maximum Cog level 12
Boss Cog Chief Justice

The Lawbot Courthouse is a Cog facility located in Lawbot Headquarters that is home to the Chief Justice. To enter the Lawbot Courthouse, Toons must enter the lobby. Up to eight Toons can access the elevator leading to the Lawbot Courthouse and battle the Chief Justice inside. Only Toons that obtain enough Jury Notices for their Lawbot Cog Disguise promotions can access the elevator.


The lobby appears to bear a slight resemblance to the Cashbot Vault's lobby but with a floor that has a reflection, much like the Lawbot Headquarters courtyard. There is also a small staircase that leads to the elevator.


The Lawbot Courthouse is a court room that houses a large bench for the Chief Justice, a second large bench for Bumpy Bumblebehr, a jury box for 12 Lawbot jurors, and a large scale right in the middle of the room that only appears once the Chief Justice boss battle commences.