Jellybean jar

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A jellybean jar holding 250 jellybeans.

A jellybean jar is an item that a Toon uses to carry jellybeans. The number of jellybeans in the jar can be viewed at any given time in the "Gags" section of the Shticker Book. It is also displayed when purchasing gags at Goofy's Gag Shop, after completion of a Trolley minigame, and while fishing. The maximum capacity of a jellybean jar is 250 jellybeans. If a Toon earns enough jellybeans to fill up their jellybean jar, extra jellybeans go to their jellybean bank that is located at their estate.


  • To increase the capacity of the jellybean jar, Toons need to complete certain ToonTasks associated with the jellybean pouch.
  • Similar to the jellybean jar, there is a small jar with a blue lid that holds different currency called Cartoonival tokens.

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