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Caroling is a special activity that occurs during the Winter Holiday where Toons can obtain a limited-time ToonTask from Snowman that awards the Snowman Head. The ToonTask involves visiting the Snowtoons and singing carols to them, which grants 200 jellybeans per visit. Upon revisiting Snowman, he awards Toons with the final set of jellybeans and the Snowman Head.


  1. Sing a Tasty Carol to a Short Snowtoon
    • Snowball can be found walking within the maze in Daisy Gardens. His favorite carol is "Load some pies into your sleigh! Happy Winter Holiday!".
  2. Sing an Alluring Carol to an Angelic Snowtoon
  3. Sing a Hot Carol to a Cool Snowtoon
    • Snowshoe can be found walking in the sea water in Donald's Dock. His favorite carol is "Snowman heads are hot today! Happy Winter Holiday!".
  4. Sing a Merry Carol to a Sporty Snowtoon
  5. Sing a Bright Carol to a Scared Snowtoon
  6. Sing a Classic Carol to a Tall Snowtoon
    • Return to Snowman in Toontown Central. His favorite carol is "Deck the halls with seltzer spray! Happy Winter Holiday!".


  • Before the Snowtoons were introduced in the 2.1.0 update that was released on December 18, 2017, riddles had to be solved in order to determine six shopkeepers that Toons had to visit.