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Toon information
Gender Male
Species Bear
Color(s) White
Residential information
Playground Donald's Dock

Snowshoe is an NPC bear Snowtoon who is part of Snowman's ToonTask and appears in Donald's Dock during the Winter Holiday. He is the third Snowtoon that Toons visit while caroling.


  • "Duuuuuuuude, try walking under water. It's totally in right now."
  • "I dig the underwater atmosphere. It's way chill."
  • "What's up, snowman?"
  • "Do you think Snowsharks roam these waters? That would be way coooooooool."
  • "Those starfish seem fishy to me. They're like, totally eyeballing me, snowman."
  • "There's no better time to go swimming than the heart of winter. It's totally freezing here."
  • "Catching some frozen waves, snowman?"
  • "Have, like, a great Winter Holiday and stuff."