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Toon information
Gender Male
Species Bear
Color(s) White
Residential information
Playground Daisy Gardens

Snowball is an NPC bear Snowtoon who is part of Snowman's ToonTask and appears in Daisy Gardens during the Winter Holiday. He is the first Snowtoon that Toons visit while caroling.


  • "Oh, bring me some figgy pudding, oh, bring me some figgy pudding..."
  • "I remembered the way out! 'Left, left, left, right, left.' Or maybe those are just marching orders..."
  • "'Load some pies into your sleigh...' Ah, I love that carol."
  • "Aha! An exit! Oh, it's just another path."
  • "Does this maze have a pizza stand? Preferably frozen pizza. Mmmm."