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Toon information
Gender Female
Species Bear
Color(s) White
Residential information
Street Sleet Street
Playground The Brrrgh

Snowangel is an NPC bear Snowtoon who is part of Snowman's ToonTask and appears on Sleet Street in The Brrrgh during the Winter Holiday. She is the second Snowtoon that Toons visit while caroling.


  • "Most people make snowangels using their arms, but I've got something even better..."
  • "My Snowtoon brother thinks he's too cool to play by the rules. I, on the other hand, obey them like an angel!"
  • "Carolers we have heard on high, sweetly singing through the streets!"
  • "I wonder if I could climb to the top of one of these Christmas trees..."
  • "Hark! Why do I say "Hark" you ask? You can't question the angel guidebook."