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Toon information
Gender Female
Species Cat
Color(s) White
Residential information
Playground Chip 'n Dale's MiniGolf

Snowcat is an NPC cat Snowtoon who is part of Snowman's ToonTask and appears in Chip 'n Dale's MiniGolf during the Winter Holiday. She is the fourth Snowtoon that Toons visit while caroling.


  • "I sure hope that scaredycat Snowflake is okay."
  • "Have a very merry Winter Holiday, [Toon name]!"
  • "Sure, you've heard of Snowtoons that can talk, but have you ever heard a Snowtoon meow?"
  • "What do I want for Christmas? Some yarn and a scratching post would be purrrrrfect."


  • She is the only Snowtoon who is a cat.
  • Her name references the vehicle designed to move on snow.