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Trick-or-treating is a special activity that occurs during Halloween where Toons can obtain a limited-time ToonTask from Jack O' Kazam that awards the Pumpkin Head. The ToonTask involves visiting the pumpkins and saying "Trick or Treat!" to them, which grants 200 jellybeans per visit. Upon revisiting Jack O' Kazam, he awards Toons with the final set of jellybeans and the Pumpkin Head.


  1. Say "Trick or Treat!" to a Gigantic Pumpkin
  2. Say "Trick or Treat!" to a Musical Pumpkin
  3. Say "Trick or Treat!" to a Spellbinding Pumpkin
  4. Say "Trick or Treat!" to a Punny Pumpkin
  5. Say "Trick or Treat!" to a Neighborly Pumpkin
  6. Say "Trick or Treat!" to a Wicked Wizard
    • Return to Jack O' Kazam in Toontown Central.


  • Before the pumpkins were introduced in the 2.2.5 update that was released on October 25, 2018, riddles had to be solved in order to determine six shopkeepers that Toons had to visit.