Headless Horsetoon

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Headless Horsetoon
Toon information
Gender Male
Species Horse
Color(s) Spooky Purple
Residential information
Street Pajama Place
Playground Donald's Dreamland

Headless Horsetoon is an NPC pumpkin Toon who is part of Jack O' Kazam's ToonTask and appears on Pajama Place in Donald's Dreamland during Halloween. He is the fifth pumpkin that Toons visit while trick-or-treating.


  • "BEWARE the Pumpkin Head CURSE! Oh, Jack already mentioned that?"
  • "Your Tricks are no match for my TREATS! No, wait, that should be reversed..."
  • "MUAH HA-HA! I scared you by LAUGHTER!"
  • "Well, no, I'm not TECHNICALLY headless. BAH, why must you ruin my spookiness!"
  • "'BOOOOO!' Consider yourself SPOOKED!"
  • "MUAH HA-HA! BEHOLD, I have the treats you seek. You shall never guess that you have to say 'Trick or Treat!' to get them!"


  • His name is a reference to the Headless Horseman, a figure that is depicted as a man who lacks a head and rides a horse.
  • He is one of several NPCs who wear colored gloves.
  • Unlike the other pumpkins, he does not have the unique pumpkin speech sound.