Pajama Place

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Pajama Place
Basic information
Playground Donald's Dreamland
Connects to Cashbot Headquarters
Minimum Cog
Maximum Cog
Maximum building stories 5
Maximum building Cog level 12
Cog information
Bossbots 5%
Lawbots 5%
Cashbots 85%
Sellbots 5%

Pajama Place is one of the two streets in Donald's Dreamland. It connects to Cashbot Headquarters and has a higher percentage of Cashbots while having an equally lower percentage of Sellbots, Lawbots, and Bossbots.

The fisherman on the street is Fisherman Jung.


  1. Midnight Oil & Gas Company (Bernie)
  2. Fly By Night Travel Agency (Orville)
  3. Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite Exterminators (Nat)
  4. Night Owl Pet Shop (Claire de Loon)
  5. Dream Jobs Employment Agency (Zen Glen)
  6. Wake-Up & Smell the Coffee Shop
  7. You Snooze, You Lose (Skinny Ginny)
  8. Pipe Dream Plumbers (Jane Drain)
  9. Asleep at the Wheel Car Repair (Drowsy Dave)
  10. Tooth Fairy Dentistry (Dr. Floss)
  11. Bedknobs & Broomsticks Movie House
  12. Hit the Sack Fencing School (Master Mike)
  13. Dawn's Yawn & Garden Center (Dawn)
  14. Moonbeam's Ice Creams (Moonbeam)
  15. REM Optometry (Dr. Blinky)
  16. Starlight Cafe
  17. Rip Van Winkle's Wrinkle Cream (Rip)
  18. Cat's Pajamas (Cat)
  19. Wynken, Blynken & Nod, Attorneys at Law (Lawful Linda)
  20. Wake-Up Call Phone Company (Rooster Rick)
  21. Waltzing Matilda's Dance School (Waltzing Matilda)
  22. Counting Sheep - So You Don't Have To! (The Countess)
  23. Wet Blanket Party Planners (Grumpy Gordon)
  24. House of Zzzzzs (Zari)
  25. Sleepless in the Saddle All Night Pony Rides (Cowboy George)
  26. Dreamboat Marine Supply (Mark the Lark)
  27. Sleeping Beauty Parlor (Honey Moon)
  28. Sandman's Sandwiches (Sandy Sandman)
  29. Baker's Dozin' Doughnuts (Fidgety Bridget)
  30. First Security Blanket Bank (William Teller)
  31. Snug as a Bug Rug Dealer (Bed Head Ted)
  32. Talking in Your Sleep Voice Training (Whispering Willow)
  33. Bed of Roses Florist (Rose Petals)
  34. Armadillo Pillow Company (Tex)
  35. Dream On Talent Agency (Harry Hammock)


  • The 2.0.5 update that was released on October 14, 2017, introduced a shortcut allowing Toons to reach Cashbot Headquarters quicker.