Match Minnie

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Match Minnie
File:Match Minnie.png
Basic information
Time limit 10 seconds per round
Number of Toons 2-4 Toons
Minimum jellybeans 23 jellybeans
Maximum jellybeans 35 jellybeans

Match Minnie is a Trolley minigame. It can be played by two to four Toons.


The objective is to repeat dance sequences demonstrated by Minnie Mouse as fast as possible in the correct order by using control keys. There are four rounds with a 10 second time limit each. In every round, Minnie demonstrates another dance sequence to add onto the previous dance sequence. Failing a move results in a Toon stumbling and losing a round.

The number of moves increase by two per round:

  • Round one - two moves
  • Round two - four moves
  • Round three - six moves
  • Round four - eight moves


The following controls are default but can be altered from the Options menu based on a player's personal preferences.

Control Action
Arrow keys (← ↑ ↓ →) Dance up, down, left or right