Toon Escape

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Toon Escape
Basic information
Time limit 150 seconds
Number of Toons 1-4 Toons
Minimum jellybeans 24 jellybeans
Maximum jellybeans 42 jellybeans

Toon Escape is a Trolley minigame. It can be played by any number of Toons.


The objective is to claim as many points as possible while trespassing obstacles and Cogs in order to reach the elevator before time runs out. Toons must run through a platforming course, defeat Cogs using the Squirt Gun if needed, collect Cog emblems, and avoid obstacles such as pits and stompers. Cogs fly and walk around the course, and drop an emblem when defeated. Toons can also collect emblems scattered all over the course without having to defeat Cogs. A Sellbot emblem gives 1 point, a Cashbot emblem gives 2 points, a Lawbot emblem gives 3 points, and a Bossbot emblem gives 4 points.

A progress bar displayed at the bottom of a player's screen shows where their Toon is at in the course. If the Toon falls off the course, they restart at a checkpoint, indicated by the vertical line on the progress bar.

Should a Toon reach the end of the course and enter the elevator, they gain bonus points depending on remaining extra time. If a Toon does not reach the elevator in time, they do not earn bonus points.


The following controls are default but can be altered from the Options menu based on a player's personal preferences.

Control Action
Arrow keys (← ↑ →) Move left, jump, or move right
Ctrl Use Squirt Gun


  • The minigame is similar to the platform game series, Super Mario Brothers.