Maze Game

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Maze Game
Basic information
Time limit 60 seconds
Number of Toons 1-4 Toons
Minimum jellybeans 24 jellybeans
Maximum jellybeans 45 jellybeans

Maze Game is a Trolley minigame. It can be played by any number of Toons.


The objective is to run around the maze and collect as many tokens as possible before the timer ends. Many Flunkies roam around at varying speeds. If Toons come in contact with a Flunky, they are sent flying into the air and land at a random spot. The theme of the maze changes based on number of participants and are decorated based on the playground the Trolley was accessed in. Each theme has a different size, slower or faster Flunkies, and extra tokens to coincide with larger number of participants.


The following controls are default but can be altered from the Options menu based on a player's personal preferences.

Control Action
Arrow keys (← ↑ ↓→) Move left, right, up, down or diagonally.