Cog Nation

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Many crates in Cashbot Headquarters that have "COG NATION" printed.

Cog Nation is a rumored location that is believed to be the Cogs' main headquarters and where The Chairman is located. Although there is no solid evidence that Cog Nation is an actual location or even exists, there are multiple clues that may hint at its existence.


  • Cog Nation was mentioned on some Minglermail memos from certain Cogs. According to one of the memos, the Cogs supposedly have plans to transport Slappy to Cog Nation while they would keep Team LHAAFBBHQ held hostage somewhere in Bossbot Headquarters.[1]
  • Cog Nation is mentioned in one paper written by Doctor Surlee when he was Gyro Gearloose. He mentioned that his lab was transformed into "a skyscraper" that would become "the center of [the Cogs'] business -- their Nation".[2]
  • The word "cognation" can be said in SpeedChat+.
  • When Cogs are controlled by damage remotes, one of many jokes they can tell that mentions Cog Nation is: "The traffic has been awful in Cog Nation. It must be all of the red tape."