The 26th

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Doctor Surlee's blueprints scattered on Samantha Spade's desk. The Silly Meter and The Rewritten Device are visible.

The 26th was a series of anomalies that occurred on the 26th of each month that was caused by Doctor Surlee (previously known as Gyro Gearloose) when he activated the time reversal by using his unstable pocketwatch and traveled back in time to October 26th of 1998 so he could attempt to rewrite Toontown's timeline. Following the time reversal, many anomalies occurred with cryptic messages appearing through blog posts on Toontown Rewritten's website during the 26th of a month. Although most anomalies were uncovered in the form of an ARG, there were some anomalies that occurred without an ARG; two examples of this being The Chairman's memo unveiled on April 26, 2014 (2003)[1], and Doctor Surlee's emergency memo published on May 26, 2014 (2003).[2]

Doctor Fissionton, who discovered Doctor Surlee's blueprints and his pocketwatch in an unstable state when visiting his private lab, was split into two and was ripped across time due to the pocketwatch's flaws, which created a "rewritten" version of himself as a cat. Before his identity was revealed, he was known as "The Two" and "???". On January 26, 2018 (2007), Doctor Fissionton's terminal, LL-TERMINAL26, published a transmission to the Toontown blog. When members of the Toontown community banded together to solve the transmission via, Doctor Fissionton himself revealed the main reason why Doctor Surlee unintentionally caused anomalies when he activated the time reversal with his pocketwatch, that is to save Toontown.

When Toons collected a total of 2,600,000 Silly Particles during the Silly Particle search that occurred since March 29, 2018 (2007), Doctor Fissionton revealed what "The Final Plan" was, months after the initial transmission from January 26, 2018. The Final Plan was a plan put together by both Doctor Fissionton and Doctor Surlee to reconstruct a brand new Silly Meter. On March 13, 2019 (2008), the Silly Meter maxed for the first time and brought an end to the 26th anomalies, which concluded Toontown Rewritten's long-lasting story arc.



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