Toontown Central ToonTasks

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Teleport access to Toontown Central
Gag training? Yes; Toon-Up or Sound
ToonTask capacity 2
Gag pouch capacity 25
Jellybean pouch capacity 50
Laff points +10; total of 25

Toontown Central ToonTasks are ToonTasks that Toons are instructed to complete in Toontown Central before advancing to Donald's Dock.


Main page: Toontorial

Before visiting Toontown Central, Toons visit Tutorial Terrace for the Toontorial process while also completing ToonTasks.


Gag training

Animation frames

Toons need to complete random ToonTasks for 16 animation frames of the gag track that they selected to train.

Important ToonTasks

Laff boosts

A total of +9 laff boosts are granted by completing the above ToonTasks. As part of the Toontorial process, the very first laff boost would be granted when returning to an HQ Officer after calling Clarabelle Cow for a ToonTask.