Toontown Central ToonTasks/ToonTask capacity

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Toons are instructed to visit Sharky Jones in order to begin this ToonTask and increase their ToonTask capacity that allows them to hold two ToonTasks at once.


  1. Visit Sharky Jones (14 Karat Goldfish, Loopy Lane, Toontown Central)
  2. Recover a Goldfish Receipt from the Cogs (Anywhere)
  3. Return to Sharky Jones
  4. Deliver a Goldfish Receipt to Professor Wiggle (Professor Wiggle's House of Giggles, Punchline Place, Toontown Central)
  5. Recover a Goldfish from Flunkies (Anywhere)
  6. Return to Sharky Jones
  7. Go fishing for 4 Goldfish (Anywhere)
  8. Return to Sharky Jones