Bossbot Golf Courses

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Bossbot Golf Courses
Basic information
Department Bossbots
Location Bossbot Headquarters
Area information
Special Cogs Version 2.0 Cogs
Facility information
Facilities The First Fairway
The Final Fringe
Supervisor Cog The Club President

The Bossbot Golf Courses is a Cog facility located on the left and right side of Bossbot Headquarters, consisting of an easy-mode First Fairway and a hard-mode Final Fringe containing two holes with varied "hallway" layouts. Toons often infiltrate the Bossbot Golf Courses to recover Stock Options for promotions on their Bossbot Cog Disguise. Near the Final Hole is where The Club President resides.


The following Cogs can appear in the Bossbot Golf Courses.

Stock Options

Stock Options listed below are within an average range.

Facility Stock Options
The First Fairway 906-975
The Final Fringe 2165-2305

Areas and obstacles

The obstacles in the Bossbot Golf Courses are mainly comprised of four minigames that are required for Toons to complete and unlock doors. There are no goons or other obstacles like stompers.

  • The area that Toons begin at when entering a Bossbot Golf Course.
Cog Areas
  • One area has three or four Cogs where Toons would then make a right turn after defeating them and encounter three or four more Cogs.
  • Another area has three or four Cogs where Toons would then make a left turn after defeating them and encounter three or four more Cogs.
Oil Fountain Area
  • There are two groups of four Cogs standing to the left and right side of the area, alongside an oil fountain with The Big Cheese statue in the middle that is a replica of the one from the Bossbot Headquarters courtyard.
Cog Hedge Maze Area
  • There are three or four Cogs at the end of a hedge maze, which Toons encounter after completing the minigame. Behind the Cogs is a door that unlocks after they are defeated.
Cog Final Hole
  • This version of the Final Hole, with three or four Cogs, is at the end of the first hole. There is a golf kart for Toons to access and enter the second hole after defeating the Cogs. The Bossbot Clubhouse, covered by fog, is visible from afar.
Final Hole
  • The main Final Hole is at the end of the second hole where Toons encounter The Club President and three other Cogs. There is no golf kart. The Bossbot Clubhouse, covered by fog, is again visible from afar.


Mole stomp

Hit all the red moles before time runs out. Toons should be wary of the tan moles, as stepping on them launches Toons in the air. If time runs out, the minigame restarts and Toons lose 20 laff. If Toons fail to complete mole stomp several times, the minigame says "Stomp failed! But the moles left." and the door automatically opens.

Hedge mazes

Race through the hedge mazes for a laff bonus. The first Toon to complete the maze receives a significant amount of laff and other Toons receive 20 laff if they reach the end. If time runs out before a Toon can complete the maze, they lose 20 laff and automatically teleport to the end. In most cases, Toons can see what direction to go based on the textures of the hedges at the beginning of the maze. If there are branches and vines, Toons should go left. Otherwise, Toons should go right (or second right, in the case of the 4-way entrance) as they enter the maze. There are also colored flags that hint at how far a Toon is from the end of the maze.

Cog golf

Destroy the Cog golf ball for every remaining puzzle given. To destroy the Cog golf ball, Toons must destroy colored golf balls by matching three or more of the corresponding colors, or by using an exploding golf ball. If Toons complete all puzzles before time runs out, they receive a lot of laff. If time runs out, Toons lose 20 laff, but the door is unlocked. Three gag barrels near the Cog golf can also be found.

Oil traps

Press the two buttons to unlock the door, and avoid slipping on oil puddles and getting hit by oil geysers that deduct 10 or 20 laff.