Fishing rod

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fishing rod is a device that is used to catch fish when stepping onto an unused dock near a pond to begin fishing.

A Toon always start with the lowest tier rod, the Twig Rod. Several upgrades can be purchased from Clarabelle's Cattlelog; a new rod becomes available in the next two Cattlelog issues after possessing the previous rod. The highest tier rod is essential to catch new fish species, which could not be caught using the previous rod, but costs an additional jellybean for each cast. There is no other disadvantage to an upgraded rod because it can also catch smaller fish.

Fishing rod Weight (lbs) Cost (per cast) Fish species
Twig Rod 0 - 4 1 jellybean 38
Bamboo Rod 0 - 8 2 jellybeans 49 (+11)
Hardwood Rod 0 - 12 3 jellybeans 60 (+11)
Steel Rod 0 - 16 4 jellybeans 69 (+9)
Gold Rod 0 - 20 5 jellybeans 70 (+1)