Flippy's pie stand

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Flippy has a pie stand that was created for one of his campaigns while running as a candidate in the Toon Council Presidential Elections, and had since then been used for other special occasions. It contains two hands, one that holds a sign and the other that holds a wheelbarrow containing Whole Cream Pies.


Toon Council Presidential Elections

The pie stand was stationed in Toontown Central next to the Toontown Library. Before the overwhelmingly silly levels of the Toon Council Presidential Elections allowed it to become animated, the stand was static.


Immediately after Slappy was elected Toon Council president, the Cogs arrived to initiate Doomsday. Doctor Surlee instructed Toons to take Whole Cream Pies from the pie stand and use them to defeat the Cogs.


During ToonFest 2014 and ToonFest 2015, the pie stand was available for Toons to obtain Whole Cream Pies and use them on dummy Cogs to speed up or slow down the ToonFest Tower. The stand was available during ToonFest 2016 for a short period of time before it was replaced by a pie purchases booth. It held a sign saying, "Pie Cogs to Toon-up ToonFest!".

Pie Day

In celebration of Pie Day, Flippy's pie stand is stationed in Toontown Central at the same spot where it once was for the Toon Council Presidential Elections, but with a different sign that says, "Happy Pie Day!".