Alto Avenue

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Alto Avenue
Basic information
Playground Minnie's Melodyland
Connects to Loopy Lane
Minimum Cog
Maximum Cog
Maximum building stories 4
Maximum building Cog level 7
Cog information
Bossbots 0%
Lawbots 0%
Cashbots 50%
Sellbots 50%

Alto Avenue is one of the three streets in Minnie's Melodyland. It connects to Loopy Lane in Toontown Central and has an equal percentage of Sellbots and Cashbots.

The fisherman on the street is Fisherman Jed.


  1. Ragtime Drycleaners (Scott Poplin)
  2. Blues News (Lowdown Sally)
  3. Four Score Antiques (Abraham Armoire)
  4. Hard Rock Shop (Metal Mike)
  5. For Good Measure Expert Tailor (Tootie Twostep)
  6. Full Stop Shop (Patty Pause)
  7. Tenor Times Newspaper (Luciano Scoop)
  8. Plummeting Pianos (Clumsy Ned)
  9. Dance Around the Clock Shop (Happy Feet)
  10. Canto Help You! (Mel Canto)
  11. Riff's Paper Plates (Riff Raff)
  12. Music is Our Forte (Melody Wavers)
  13. Accidental Insurance (Lightning Ted)
  14. Carry a Toon Movers (Sluggo Songbird)
  15. Notations (Cleff)
  16. Tuba Toothpaste (Minty Bass)
  17. Flats Sharpened (Gee Minor)
  18. Barbershop Quartet (Harmony Swell)
  19. Chin Rest Pillows (Viola Padding)
  20. Pitch Perfect Roofing (Tony Deff)
  21. More Scores (Moe Zart)
  22. Rests Rooms (Attendant Abe)
  23. Happy Mandolins (Mandy Lynn)
  24. Piccolo's Pizza (Piccolo)
  25. Shave and a Haircut for a Song (Barbara Seville)
  26. The Treble Chef's Cooking School (Cliff Cleff)
  27. Do, Rae, Me Piano Keys (Fa)
  28. Tuning Forks and Spoons (Offkey Eric)
  29. Dr. Fret's Dentistry (Dr. Fret)
  30. Please Refrain (Madam Manners)
  31. Club 88 (Disco Dave)
  32. Catchy Toon Apparel (Tom Hum)
  33. Casa de Castanets (Carlos)
  34. Fifi's Fiddles (Fifi)
  35. In Four-Four Time (Metra Gnome)
  36. Tom-Tom's Drums (Tom)