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Basic information
Track Trap
Level 7
Accuracy Perfect
Base accuracy 0%
Affects All Cogs
Minimum damage 200
Maximum damage 200
Organic boost 220
Carry capacity
Minimum 1
Maximum 1
Preceded by


Succeeded by


Skill points gained
Skill points needed
500 to Go!

Railroad is the level 7 Trap gag that is preceded by TNT. A Toon obtains the gag by gaining 10,000 skill points. After obtaining the gag, the skill points meter converts to "500 to Go!", allowing the Toon to earn another Railroad for every 500 skill points.

As with all level 7 gags, Toons may only use one Railroad[notes 1] before having to gain 500 skill points or by collecting the gag from their gag trees to obtain another, since a Railroad cannot be purchased from Goofy's Gag Shop.


  1. The Toon brings out a trigger box and presses the button to deploy a set of Railroad tracks in front of Cogs.
  2. When the Cogs are successfully lured, tunnels appear from both sides and a train comes out of the left tunnel to run over them.
  3. The Cogs slowly get up with their hands and knees after being squashed.


  • Prior to the 3.0.0 update that was released on December 3, 2021, which introduced balancing changes[1], Railroad dealt 195 normal damage and 214 organic damage. Organic Railroad was also previously the only gag that could defeat level 12 Cogs in one hit.
    • Railroad is now the strongest gag, dealing 200 normal damage and 220 organic damage, which is capable of defeating level 12 Cogs in one hit regardless of being organic or not.


  1. Unless Railroad is selected for the ability to carry one additional level 7 gag, which is earned after completing all of the Sellbot Task Force ToonTasks.