Banana Peel

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Banana Peel
Basic information
Track Trap
Level 1
Accuracy Perfect
Base accuracy 0%
Affects One Cog
Minimum damage 10
Maximum damage 12
Organic boost 11-14
Carry capacity
Minimum 10
Maximum 30
Preceded by


Succeeded by


Skill points gained
Skill points needed

Banana Peel is the level 1 Trap gag that is succeeded by Rake. A Toon obtains the gag by unlocking the Trap track after completing their ToonTasks.


  1. The Toon brings out a Banana Peel and throws it in front of the targeted Cog.
  2. When the Cog is successfully lured, they slip on the Banana Peel and take damage before getting back up.


  • Banana peels are an iconic gag in classic cartoon comedy where a banana peel is placed on the floor for a victim to step on it and slip down exaggeratedly.
  • Banana Peel is the only level 1 gag that is capable of defeating a level 2 Cog.
  • Banana Peel is the most powerful level 1 gag because its maximum damage is three times that of Squirting Flower's maximum damage.
  • The Sellbot Cog-Crusher Shirt has a Banana Peel in one of its pockets.